LUXEMBOURG, LU — Nordea Asset Management (NAM) is pleased to celebrate the 3-years anniversary of the Nordea 1  Global Impact Fund LU2355687059 (BP-USD) / LU2355687216 (BI-USD), an innovative SFDR Article 9 solution dedicated to impact investing.

Launched in July 2021*, the Nordea 1 – Global Impact Fund (the Fund) is a global equity SFDR Article 9 solution with over €200 mil in AUM1 that brings together both the Environmental and Social dimensions of sustainability.

The Fund’s foundations are built on industry-wide rigorous impact principles and NAM’s proprietary impact framework with the aim of creating real-world impact while delivering attractive returns. As such, the Fund adheres to three core principles: intentionality of companies to contribute to ESG outcomes, additionality (or “extra good”) enabled through active ownership or capital allocation, and measurement of positive and negative effects business actions have on people and the planet.

“Our goal is clear: to invest in businesses that align purpose with profitability. We are dedicated to identifying companies that deliver environmental and social innovations, scale proven technologies, and drive global adoption of effective solutions. Our robust impact framework allows us to conduct thorough analysis to identify and measure the impact of these companies, ensuring they are well-positioned to thrive as we navigate towards a more sustainable future.”

Thomas Sørensen, co-Manager of Nordea 1 Global Impact Fund

The fund managers, Thomas Sørensen and Henning Padberg, began their responsible investment journey back in 2008 with the launch of the renowned Nordea 1 – Global Climate and Environment Fund, one the largest Article 9 funds in Europe2, with a focus on investing in economically sensible companies providing solutions to climate and environmental solutions.  

In 2021, they expanded into impact investing with the launch of the Nordea 1 – Global Impact Fund. Besides the management team, the fund is supported by embedded impact analysts that work hand-in-hand with the investment team, as well as NAM’s Responsible Investments Team, one of the most established in Europe. 

NAM celebrates the anniversary of the Nordea 1 – Global Impact Fund at the same time that it welcomes the launch of two new fixed income investment solutions seeking impact: Nordea 1 – European Sustainable Labelled Bond Fund and Nordea 1 – European Corporate Sustainable Labelled Bond Fund. All of these solutions adhere to NAM’s state-of-the art ESG standards and real-world impact.